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Team Agin Schedule

The 2018 XBR regular season has ended. Team Agin just missed out on winning the last rodeo in Bakersfield, CA. A win there would have made it a lot less stressful during the Finals in January. But no sense crying over spilt milk. 2018 saw Team Agin fill the rider position by committee. Those riders were DJ Stoneburner, Jalen Krenning, Garrett Latham, John Long, Daryl Morris, Jr., Adrian Gonzales and Daryl Henry. It was not as comfortable without World Champ DJ in the saddle, but each rider performed like the professionals they are which helped Team Agin gain the number 1 spot at the end of the season. Jalen Krenning, although just a rookie, gained the most points of those gentlemen during the season and will be riding during the XBR NFR. Hopefully he is ready to compete at a high level because this year the race is as close as ever for the title with three team separated by a small margin. The pressure will be real, the horses tough and only one team will walk away 2018 XBR World Champs!

XBR NFR 2018

Lake Havasu City, AZ, January 26-27

Whiskey Flat Daze Rodeo

Kernville, CA, February 16-17

Mother Lode Round-Up

Sonora, CA, May 11-12

“There are 3 teams with a chance for a title, but there can only be one winner. "