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Team Agin Schedule

The season is half over. Due to life Team Agin has been traveling a little less than usual. They are sitting number 2 in the standings with Dj’s return. Although the team is solid, which is evident by their Glenville sweep, they had some mistakes that cost them wins in Santa Maria and Prescott. It was a little out of the ordinary for these mistakes. But as you get older you find new ways to lose. In Cheyenne the team made the finals and was first up, yet the horse didn’t run straight and fast so they were just out of the average. At times like this it is important to stick together because things can change tomorrow. The second half of the season will make or break Team Agin, especially the month of September. Here is to givin’ it hell in 2019!

gIlroy rodeo

Gilroy, CA, August 10-11


Pueblo, CO, August 27

Monterey Bullfest

Monterey, CA, August 30- September 1

“Don’t hate losing so much you forget how fun it is to R-O-D-E-O. "